Another year of freedom

What a year 2015 has been in this Unbuzzed life!

Here I record the significant events that added richness to my 4th year of sobriety.

  • I left a job after 26 years and transitioned to a career that is soul-soothing instead of soul-sucking
  • Turned 60
  • Went on two retreats with sober women friends
  • Attended a workshop and made a deer hide frame drum
  • Took up lake kayaking as a minor obsession
  • Made new friends
  • Co-hosted a bridal shower and attended a wedding for a niece
  • Volunteered at an annual Walk for Recovery
  • Represented the face of recovery on the big screen at a major league baseball game while raising our team flag
  • Traveled alone to attend the first ever Unite to Face Addiction rally and concert in Washington, DC
  • Grew my little sober jewelry business

Every day, I was grateful for being sober. Without that, none of this would have been possible. Every day, I did my best to do the right thing. I have learned about the tools offered by AA as I attend my weekly fellowship meetings. I’ve continued to read about the unique paths of others in recovery, and as much as I’m able, support those who still struggle.

What was missing from 2015? Anger, resentment, judgement, jealousy, fear.

To think that it all began 4 years ago with a simple but terribly difficult decision to put away the bottle for good and begin the work of exploring life on life’s terms – one day, one week, one month, one year at a time.

Today I will face each of the challenges and opportunities that come my way, and I will not drink, no matter what.