So, this is life

I’ve cut back on the bloggy world lately. I haven’t been reading as much or writing because other activities have taken priority.

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Along with my siblings, I helped her process this information and find a good medical team. She had surgery. We’re waiting to see what’s next.

My mom is a unique, strong, smart, progressive, independent, caring woman. In a word, amazing. At 83, she accomplishes more in a typical week than most who are half her age. She’s had to deal with more than her fair share of medical issues in the last decade, but she carries on with determination and a positive attitude.  All 90 lbs of her.

She’s going to make it through this challenge, and I’m so happy that I get the opportunity to be on her survival team.

I’m especially grateful for sobriety during the tough times. I’m not hiding. I’m facing things one at a time. Aware. Calm. Capable. Grateful.

My mom never talked to me about my drinking, but I know she was uncomfortable with it. (If my alcoholism is genetic, it didn’t come from her side of the family.) I recently told her that I quit drinking almost two years ago. She was surprised, and happy.

Whatever comes next, I’ll get through it. Without drinking. Without regrets. 

Maybe someday I’ll look back and realize I’ve lived an amazing life. Like my mom.