Carpe Diem


On my way to work yesterday I drove by some maple trees showing off their fall colors, brilliantly highlighted by the morning sun. I’d noticed them before and thought I’d like a picture of them to enjoy later. I almost continued on my way as I thought, “I’ll have to photograph them before it’s too late”.

Then I pulled the car to the side of the street and took my phone from my purse. I knew that if I waited a day, it may be cloudy. If I put it off until next week, the leaves may be falling. I snapped (do iPhones “snap”?) a couple of shots.

On the way to work today, the sky was gray. I’m happy that I seized a moment in time to stop and appreciate one of life’s many simple pleasures.

10 Comments on “Carpe Diem”

  1. Mrs D says:

    Beautiful shot! And yes I do think cameras can snap.. We are the opposite seasons to you down here in New Zealand.. just heading into spring with lots of beautiful flowers breaking through after the cold of winter. Look forward to hearing how the AA meetings go.. I’m not an AA person myself so I’m always keen to hear the detail of what they offer. xxx

  2. soberjessie says:

    I love this, and I love your “about me” story. It resonates with me. I am not always a hot mess when drinking, but my off switch is busted. I stopped drinking a little over 100 days ago and it’s blogs like yours that remind me how much more enjoyable being sober and present is.

  3. Lovely…amazing how we notice the simple yet powerful things in life when our nose isn’t buried in a glass or bottle. Thanks for sharing the pic 🙂

    Love and light,

  4. What a beautiful picture, and there is a lesson in the “just do it” mentality! My procrastinating self would have been all, “Yeah, they’ll be there tomorrow” and then I would have been bummed about the overcast skies… way to go!

  5. Sharon says:

    Great shot. I used to walk with my iPod in my ears, now I just listen and look at everything around me. Love seeing through sober eyes.

  6. LifeUnbuzzed says:

    Thanks, Sharon. It’s a different world through sober eyes, for sure.

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